Monday, September 24, 2007

Casa Vieja or The Old House

The Casa Vieja is 5 rooms that housed the machinery when the hacienda was a functioning factory. There are a few remnants from the old machines in the ceilings and scattered about. The kitchen it the most inviting room at the hacienda and the heart of the house. The living room is hardly used as one lives at the pool or out of doors most of the day and night in the Yucatan. Nevertheless there is a large coffee table ideally suited for large jigsaw puzzles. The bedroom beside the kitchen has a beautiful bed designed by the first owner who is a sculptor. The second bedroom has a new bathroom in a private court housed in the old water tower. This bedroom also has the mezzanine ideal for the kids...but not the toddlers.

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Pablo Alejandro MacĂ­as Torres said...

That's a beautiful hacienda! I like how hotels try to mimic real haciendas but they will never achieve that hahaha, here are other houses for rent in CancĂșn for staying in a more private way than hotels!

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